Lifetime Guarantee

Arcade Belts are made to last through adventure after adventure and while nothing lasts forever, we made damn sure they’re made to last as long as possible — unpredictable hiccups that keep it from getting all worn-in like your favourite tee (like a buckle that stops buckling) fall under our “we’ll fix it” warranty from now to years later. As for board crashes and unexpected falls, we’ll give you a Crash Replacement discount (this even covers “my dog ate my belt” -- A) bad dog, and B) we’ll ask for pics).

What’s covered:

• Guarantee - “Whoops” Defects. Manufacturer-type defects are fully covered. Like failed stitching or buckles that don’t buckle.

• Crash Replacement Discount - It happens to the best of us, so if you biffed up your belt, we’ll give you a discount to go toward your next purchase on this site.

What’s not covered:

• Anything that naturally happens over time — like how your favourite tee will get worn-in after years of use — doesn’t fall under our warranty or crash replacement. Arcade Belts will naturally need replacing.

• Non-adventure life things like a friend "borrowing" your belt, never to be seen again (we all have that friend).


If you need contact us about a claim, the best thing to do is contact us by email on