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Fuctional. Lightweight. Durable. Arcade Belts are designed from the ground up to provide amazing comfort, the best fit, and the right amount of flexibility to move with you. Our belts are built to go everywhere without ever letting you down.

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We create belts that are useful, dependable and comfortable: low-profile buckles, natural elastic webbing and a dash of magic makes every Arcade belt a worthy companion for everyday adventures.

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Love for our planet and the adventurous people on it is the spark that lights our fuse. We celebrate and protect the places and communities that are the fabric of an active, fun, and healthy life.

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"Having one belt that's functional, has unrestricted movement, is really important to me."

Jimmy Chin | @jimmychin

"Since the first time I put on an Arcade belt I knew there was no turning back. They're just made different. Made for real life."

Fabiana Delfino | @fabiana_delfino

"I like snow in my face, not down my pants."

Cody Townsend | @codytownsend