Belt FAQs

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What Size Belt Should I Get?

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Most of our belts are One Size Fits All/Most and can be easily adjusted for optimum fit.

 Belt Fits Waists
Adventure / Adventure Slim Up to 101.6 cm
Adventure Long Up to 127 cm
Adventure Youth Up to 81.3 cm
Futureweave Up to 101.6 cm
Capture / Capture Slim Up to 101.6 cm
Up to 101.6 cm
Utility Slim Up to 94 cm
Leather Medium: 86 cm
Large: 96 cm
Extra Large: 106 cm

How Do I Wear & Adjust My Belt?

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Caring For Your Belt

Adventure Belts

If your Adventure belt is dirty you can just leave it in your trousers through the wash and dry cycles, we just recommend that you clip the buckle closed to keep the belt attached to your trousers.

Other Belts

We do not recommend machine washing the following belts: Capture Belts with wooden inlays, Utility belts, Leather belts, Woven belts, Crossover belts and Suspenders. If these need a cleaning a damp cloth will work.