KC Deane - The Multitasker

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ARCADE - Hey KC, thanks for taking the time to talk shop with us. Could you give us a little

background on yourself, for those that do not know you?
KC DEANE - My name is KC Deane , age 32, professional athlete. I am living part time in

whistler BC and the rest of the time out of a roller bag....

ARCADE - Everyone knows you as a professional skier but in the last few years you have really broken into the MTB / Freeride Scene. Tell us a little bit about this off season transition into being a professional multisport athlete.

KC DEANE - Yeah been skiing professionally for a while now, maybe 10 years. Biking has been a fun transition and pretty interesting. It's so similar to skiing, you know, how I have been shooting and filming over the years on the ski side. So I just did the same thing with biking and worked hard at it. At first I just wanted to be able to get bikes for free, then to make a little money, now it's become another profession. Just going year round as a professional athlete in two sports can be demanding.... But damn, it's a lot of fun!

ARCADE - Seems like you are a pretty busy guy now. How do you manage to juggle all your obligations? Filming, riding, skiing, sponsors...etc...

KC DEANE - Haha pretty poorly sometimes. It is a hard shift between season because bike and ski sponsors want you shooting asap .... so yeah, it is hard to balance from season to season.

ARCADE - We just watched the new edit you dropped for the Crank Worx Dirt Diaries . It was sick and entertaining. We definitely enjoyed it. Tell us a little bit about the filming process.

KC DEANE - Yeah was fun and very demanding produce. The first section of the video took 3 weeks of digging to prep and with only 8 weeks to film it was hard to balance. All the riders schedules were all over the place so to film a few of those scenes and get everyone in one place was tricky. Then directing things and helping Damien produce, there was a lot going through my mind. To be honest I don't balance things very well, haaahhha. But I do what I can.

ARCADE - Sounds like a rewarding but hectic process.... but probably a lot of fun to produce!?!?

KC DEANE - For sure, the best part was being able to work with my friends that I met through riding and to have people like Mason in the video, who originally convinced me to get a bike was so rad. In the end it was crazy to stand up on stage in front of so many people and not know if everyone would be stoked on what we produced. We wanted to make something that made people laugh and want to go ride, so it was a bit of a chance.

ARCADE - Well did it make people laugh?

KC DEANE - In the end I think we accomplished that. People really seemed to appreciate it!

ARCADE - So now that this project is complete where are you headed now?

KC DEANE - Now that this is done I'm in Switzerland shooting with Jussi Grznar and CaptureShareRepeat on a project for Swiss tourism.

ARCADE - Thanks for taking the time to chat with us KC. KC DEANE - Sure thing. Anytime!!!

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